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Trick or treat! Or, how about not-so-tricky Halloween treats?

Spooky Snacks

Have you been tricked into brewing some Halloween treats for your little monsters?

Don’t lose your head; we’ve dissected the internet and found some frightfully easy recipes that can compete with Hell’s Kitchen. So keep reading and give rise to treats to die for!
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Things that go bump in the night – the best Halloween products

Halloween Products from epoints

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Nobody argues with Shakespeare and just like he said, ’tis almost the ‘witching time of night’… In fact it’s just two weeks until Fright Night and we’re beyond excited – no seriously, we’ve already bought our Halloween costumes and planned out some tasty treats (and tricks).

Why are we so excited? Because it’s your chance to dress up and cause a little harmless mischief… If your kids are desperate to go trick or treating, then join them in fancy dress and embrace the silliness or the horrors. It’s only one night a year after all – once Halloween’s over, it’s Bonfire Night and then the real countdown to Christmas begins (yes we know – where has 2014 gone?)

So, we’ve decided not to trick you this Halloween, but to treat you, to some amazingly revolting and cool Halloween products. Something awesome this way comes!

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