Takeaway Anyone?

Takeaway Anyone?

Now’s as good a time as any to treat yourself to a takeaway. Even if you’ve managed to stick to your healthy eating New Year’s resolution, you can still find something with our takeaway gift cards! 

At Epoints, we want you to have the best deals, which is why we’ve lined up our favourite takeaway delivery services. 


Just Eat

We all know the glow of the orange Just Eat ad’s singing to us. Did somebody say… order a takeaway with Epoints? I think they did. Just Eat is even better with 8% cashback on your gift cards from us. That could be a whole extra portion of fries for free!

Treat yourself to that pizza you’ve been craving for since your New Years hangover. Go on. We won’t tell anyone. 

Uber Eats

Not just a taxi ride, now they even deliver your food to you. It’s time you gave yourself a well done for Januarys strict regime. Don’t worry. We’re not telling you to give up. We know you may have worked hard this last month. Even if you haven’t, it’s time to beat the January blues with a tasty takeaway.

Why not try out the Vegan place you’ve had your eye on? It’s even Veganuary!


Even more choice with Deliveroo, and 5% cashback too! You can’t say no to that, can you? It’s time for you to give in and treat yourself, your family or your friends to a night in with an excellent Chinese or Indian? Whatever floats your gravy boat.

If we haven’t tickled your taste buds, don’t worry. You’ll find the takeaway of your dreams with one of our gift cards for those dreamy deliveries. With our unbeatable cashback deals, you get even more for your buck-et. 

Let us know what you decide to go for in the comments!

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