benefits of reading

The Benefits of Reading

The Benefits of Reading

Let’s look into the benefits of reading. Monday 6th September was National Read a Book Day! On average, we Brits read ten books every year! It is obvious that many of us love to get lost in the pages of a good read. But why is this a good thing for us? 

Here are Five Benefits of Reading


From reading the stories of different peoples lives, fiction or not, we understand human emotions. Therefore, our level of empathy increases! Empathy can help you to relate to people and often help with many different situations in life. 


Another benefit of reading is that it helps to switch your mind off. You can slowly creep into a slumber, relaxed sleep for the night!


Following on from sleep, another benefit of reading is the relaxation it brings you. Had a busy day, or need to take 10 minutes to yourself? Reading can help you feel calmer and at ease.


Reading a book can increase your vocabulary through learning new words and phrases. Different genres, artists, and periods will help you find new sayings to use in day to day life. A benefit of reading you can use all the time.


Remember, you don’t have to read alone! Whether in a reading group or with your family, you can read books with multiple people. In doing so, you can build and create a special bond with these people by sharing memories and stories. Perhaps, one of the most important benefits of reading.

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