The fall of autumn leaves – get your garden winter-ready

Get your garden winter-ready
As we say goodbye to the summer and look ahead to winter, autumn seems a good time to start sorting your garden out.
Winter can play havoc with your garden, but if it’s tidy and your plants are protected, you’ll be much more prepared when spring comes around again.

If you’re not sure of the best way to get your garden winter-ready, these tips should help you look forward to an orderly garden next year.

  • Love your lawn
    Make sure you mow your lawn before the rain starts and every time the grass is dry enough. It’s also worth treating it with fertiliser to ensure it retains plenty of nutrients during the colder months.
  • The right tools
    You might not use your power tools much during the winter, so make sure they’re in good working order, including the blades, so they’re ready for use in the springtime.
  • Don’t forget the birds
    When the ground and water freezes, birds can struggle to find water. If you have any scraps, put them out for on the lawn, or better still invest in a bird table so they have shelter too.
  • Clear up regularly
    It may seem like you’re constantly clearing up fallen leaves, but it’s important not to leave them on the lawn as they block out sunlight and air which the grass needs.
  • Waste not want not
    Collect up any fallen leaves and shred them to make mulch. Your flowerbeds will benefit from the additional nutrients and you won’t have to have quite as many bonfires!
  • Check your structures
    Winter winds and storms can cause chaos, so make sure that sheds are waterproof and fences are secure. Don’t forget to keep all power tools etc. locked up safely.

Tidy up your garden:

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