The ultimate Spring Cleaning guide for 2021

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning guide for 2021

Sunshine, longer days and blooming flowers means one thing, Spring is on the way! It’s time to bust open your windows and prepare for the big spring clean. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore, it can actually be therapeutic and rewarding. Research suggests a decluttered home can have a number of health benefits, it can reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, increase productivity and help you avoid illnesses, According to a study, 70% of people say cleaning their home gives them a sense of accomplishment and 61% of people say it makes them feel de-stressed.

If you’ve been forced inside due to Coronavirus what better time to indulge in a deep clean than now. If this is your first spring clean it can be easy to feel overwhelmed no matter how many lists you’ve read. Our simple and quick spring cleaning list will help you get your spring clean finished in one weekend.

Invest in some good quality cleaning supplies First off every spring cleaning list needs supplies, Investing in some quality cleaning products is key. supplies don’t have to be costly, there’s a wide range of cleaning supplies to suit everyone’s budget. Here at Epoints we have you covered, a few essentials to add to your list include:

Get in the zone

Now you’ve got a few spring cleaning essentials on the list, it’s time to get motivated, to ‘get in the zone’  you might choose to turn on your favourite playlist, light a candle and set out all your spring cleaning products in one place, this will make it easier to stay productive and get the job done and dusted quickly. 

Declutter and organise

To make the most of your spring clean, declutter by donating your old clothes, books, toys or shoes, the extra time at home is a great opportunity to decide what you have lying around the house that you may want to get rid of.  Start off with smaller areas like wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, get these out the way so the hard spots are finished first, then work your way to bigger cluttered areas.

Done with it? Donate!

Charity shops may be closed throughout lockdown but that doesn’t mean you can’t donate your clutter. There are various different charities you can donate to, British Heart Foundation is asking for donors to use its Freepost service, another alternative to donating during lockdown is through clothing banks, take time to research and find out if your local area has any organizations or donation points.


Reward yourself after

Rewards have been proven to increase motivation. A brilliant way to encourage yourself to get your spring cleaning done is to treat yourself with rewards afterwards, research suggests you are 30% more likely to stick to a task if you know there is a reward waiting for you on the other side. More research suggests that immediate rewards are more beneficial, so treat yourself to a tasty takeaway or a nice glass of wine after the job is done, after all, you deserve it!

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