Avoid holiday nightmares – tips for travelling with children

Avoid a stressful family holiday with our travel tips

So you’re off on a family holiday, only this time you’re venturing abroad. You’ve always been a spontaneous traveller so you’re looking forward to getting back to a life of sightseeing and exploring. But this time you’ve got children with you and honestly you’re feeling a bit nervous.
How will they react to the new climate, the food and the travelling?

Travelling with small children (in fact it doesn’t get easier when they get older) can be a nightmare, but we’ve put together some helpful tips for plain sailing (or flying).

  • Allow extra time when travelling with children so you can do everything you want to do, whilst still allowing for toilet stops, tantrums and general faffing. Children love exploring so arriving early at the airport or station will ensure they can look around. Buy your child a sturdy digital camera and let them take photos of their trip.A digital camera is an excellent way to keep a child busy
  • Make sure you carry a small First Aid kit with the essentials, particularly plasters, Waspeze and Calpol (or similar), hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Wipe cutlery before letting children use it and if there are no washing facilities you can keep bugs at bay with hand sanitizer.
  • Keep an eye on what your child’s packed in their hand luggage – you don’t want them bringing a bag full of marbles but nothing else – and make sure they can carry it themselves. If your child loves reading, it might be better to invest in a handheld device instead of expecting them to lug books around.
  • You may need to childproof your holiday accommodation. Check the floor for anything sharp when you arrive and make sure all of the windows and doors lock securely. If you have a baby, take a sheet to put on the floor for them to crawl on and put some pipe-cleaners in your bag to tie up blind pulls, secure cupboards etc.Store your holiday memories in a holiday diary
  • Encourage older children to make a scrap book or keep a journal of the trip. They can keep tickets, suitcase labels, postcards and maps to stick into their book and draw or write a daily diary of what they’ve seen and eaten.

What are your tips for travelling with children?

Do you take everything but the kitchen sink or do you only stay in child-friendly places that you trust? Let us know!

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