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In shopping sustainably you can reduce your waste and help the environment. Save while you save the planet. In addition to receiving Epoints cashback when you shop, we give you the opportunity to give some of your extra Epoints back to the environment and help fund eco-projects via our partnership with Carbon Footprint. In few simple clicks, you can donate extra savings to help save the planet. 

You can use £1 worth of your Epoints to plant a tree and watch the website update so you can see first-hand how you’re making a difference. We also have a range of eco-products you can shop and earn cashback on, which you can then use to donate (or spend) as you wish! 

Here are our top eco product picks.


Need a new watch? Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy which is stored in a lithium-ion cell. It recharges continuously in any kind of light to run forever. We have a range of different watches with Eco-Drive technology from Argos. Below is just one example but head over to Epoints to shop the full range!

eco watch

Wrapping paper and ribbons

Christmas is just around the corner. WHSmith have a range of eco-wrapping paper with their exclusive collaboration with Eco-Wrap and INKU. Kim, at INKU is an illustrator and graphic designer who specialises in impactful design and has crated an exclusive range for WHSmith. The wrapping paper is made from 80% recycled material and 20% new material to guarantee the product is great to use without tearing. We also have a range of ribbons and string!

wrapping paper


Back to school or work? Need a new rucksack? We have a range of Herschel Supply Co backpacks to assist with your daily commute. These durable, lightweight with a reinforced base rucksacks, feature a padded interior pocket to keep a laptop safe! The eco element is 100% recycled fabrics and industry-leading recycled materials.

Eco Hairbrush 

The Olivia Garden EcoHair Paddle brushes are made from natural bamboo which is stronger, light and more durable than wood. They have ion-charged bristles, which helps restore hair balance and shine and makes for faster drying time. The soft-touch grip improves the comfort, ideal for daily use. There are multiple reasons for using a boar hair brush. Boar bristles is a conditioning treatment, improves the texture of your hair and means the hair will be more shiney. To browse our bamboo hair brush and find out more great benefits it provides for your hair (and the environment) shop the link below.


Yoga Mat

The Sweaty Betty yoga mat is kind for your workout and the environment. The TPE fabric is recyclable and the mat features a different pattern on each side for different grip levels! Shop now on Epoints.

yoga mat


Laundry piling up? Plough through your washing without increasing your power bills. The Tefal Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW9210 Steam Iron has a Smart Eco mode that lets you iron fabrics at the optimal steam output without using too much energy. Simply put, you can save up to 30% on energy while working through the weekly laundry. The iron has many more perks, click the link below to find out more.

Phone Case

Need a new phone case? Why not shop our eco range on Epoints where the phone cases are 100% fully degradable material phone case made from plant based materials. The case has shop proof drop protection up to one metre.

phone case

Portable Desk Solutions

Stuck behind a desk all day in the same position? The Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation sit/stand desk solution. The work surfance is designed specifically for laptops and its compact shape allows you to transform your workspace into a healthier place. Alternating between itting and standing throughout the day can boost your mood and productivity whilst reducing negative effects of sedentary behaviour. Not only that, the desk is made from sustainable, non-toxic materials that are free of red-list chemicals!  

Frying Pan

Prestige Eco Pan is the world’s friendliest 5 layer plant based non stick pan. It is easy to clean and scratch-proof. The pan is made from recycled aluminium and it is recyclable. Not only is it made from recycled materials, but it is good for you and the environment. In partnership with TREEAID, a tree will be planted for every pan sold. Whether you’re replacing old pans or fancy adding to your collection, why not do so making a positive impact for yourself and the environment.

Eco Bath Salts 

Theecobath’s unique blend of Epsom salts with aroma therapy oil together brings the ultimate bath relaxation. Lemongrass, peppermint, euclaptus and black petter scents to choose from. Epsom salt has been used as an Antidote to relieve stress and tired knotted muscles. Find out more annd shop now!

bath salts

Our eco range has something for everyone! The products are not limited to this list, so head on over to Epoints to have a look at all the other eco-friendly products for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget that Epoints gives you up to 10% cashback on all items, so you’re always better off! As well as you receiving cashback, we also donate 5% of our profits back to eco-projects too! Don’t forget, you can plant £1 worth of Epoints to plant a tree. 

Keep an eye on our social media and check out our website for more great eco essentials and deals! 

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