Ten eggstraordinary things you didn’t know about Easter

Easter facts, products & vouchersEaster is usually a lovely time of year, because spring is well underway and everyone’s feeling happier; the trees are covered in blossom, there are lambs on the hills and the sun has finally put his hat on.

Hot cross buns, Creme Eggs and Lindt bunnies fill the shop shelves and everyone is looking forward to that long weekend.
With just one week to go until Easter, we share our favourite eggstraordinary Easter facts:

  1. Easter is on a different date every year, as it is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon.
  2. The mythical Easter bunny began life as a hare, a creature associated with fertility and spring.
  3. The word Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Ēastre, who symbolises the dawn and has long been associated with eggs and hares.
  4. More than three-quarters of people eat the ears of a chocolate bunny first.
  5. The lily is the traditional Easter flower, as it is the symbol of resurrection.
  6. In Sweden, it is the Easter Wizard who brings Easter eggs, so children dress up as witches and wizards.
  7. The largest Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011 – it was more than 10 metres high and weighed almost 9,000lbs.
  8. 90 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK each year.
  9. The largest Easter egg hunt saw more than 500,000 eggs hidden in the Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Florida in 2007.
  10. Cadbury’s creme egg was introduced in 1963 and annual sales in the UK now amount to more than 200 million.

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