Presence or presents? Unusual wedding gifts for friends and family

Personalised wedding presents

Wedding season is here again and if you’re anything like me your summer is full of the union of friends and family.
You’ve carefully worked out which weddings have no overlap of friends so you can wear the same outfit again, booked hotels and decided who’s driving where… but what about the wedding gift?
As so many couples live together before their wedding, traditional wedding gifts like household items are no longer useful. Some couples still set up a wedding gift list, while others swear that your presence is more important than presents, but is it really?
We’ve scoured the internet to find perfect wedding gifts with a difference.

Creature Comforts
If you’re going to the wedding of a couple who really do have everything or love animals why not get them a charity gift? Oxfam Unwrapped have gifts that help people across the world, like a pair of goats, chickens and sheep. Alternatively you could adopt an animal on their behalf.
Zorbing - the perfect unusual wedding gift
A New Experience
Newlyweds don’t usually need an excuse to spend time together, but an experience day help them to bond in a new way. For the adventurous types pick something fun (or daunting) like zorbing or skydiving; for those of a more nervous disposition perhaps a spa day or cruise.
A Night to Remember
If the couple enjoy the arts then a trip to the theatre is the perfect gift as there really is something for everyone. Choose from smash hits like Book of Mormon or a classic like The 39 Steps. For an extra special gift, get them a theatre package that includes dinner and/or a hotel stay.
Unusual wedding gifts - engraved champagne flutesSomething Personal
If you’d rather give something memorable that they can keep forever, then a personalised wedding gift is always a winner. Options range from personalised champagne and photo books to engraved photo frames and newspapers.
Food for Thought
If the happy couple are fond of food then you’ve got a plethora of options for their gift. Book them a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, or send them on a cookery course so they can learn some new culinary skills.
If you’re still struggling for what to buy the happy couple then you can’t really go wrong with gift vouchers for John Lewis or their favourite store.

What’s the best wedding gift you’ve bought someone?

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