Valentine’s Day: 7 date night ideas for married couples

Valentine’s Day: 7 date night ideas for married couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of us enter the dreaded ‘panic mode’. As we scramble to book fancy restaurants and hustle to snatch up the last box of Thornton’s, we often get caught up in the stress of planning and forget to enjoy each other. That is where we come in. We believe in bringing to light the true meaning behind Valentine’s Day and showing the spark in your relationships. We, at epoints, have compiled a list of Valentine’s date night activities for you, and your significant other, to relish in.

Recreate the first ever date night you went on

Nothing says passion like heading back to that hot spot where you first met. Whether it be fruity cocktails at the local vodka bar or a brisk stroll along the quayside, it is important to reminisce on the journey you have made as a couple. It can even go as far to help heal old wounds. Sometimes, the extravagant gestures are not always necessary for proclaiming your love and this is the opportunity for effort to really shine.

An evening spent ice skating and sipping cocktails

The bonding experience to end all bonding experiences. You cannot physically get closer than being each other support pillars. Whether you are prolific skaters or Bambi on ice, this gives you opportunity to get to know each other whilst overcoming a potentially tough activity. Afterwards, you can go and grab a zesty strawberry daiquiri or beer to unwind while the kids are with the babysitter!

A romantic dinner and movie from the comfort of your own home

Dinner, drinks and a good rom-com? Say no more. Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your partner. Those of you with busy work lives and kids will understand that this isn’t always easy. Sometimes, a simple pizza and film night indoors is the best option. It doesn’t mean anything less.

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Soak up the culture of the city

Sightseeing can keep things very interest and most importantly, opens up conversation. Because of this, something as typically mundane as staring at a monument can be really engaging. Making jokes and having a laugh at the activity can really make the day. It is worth looking at places where you can immerse yourself in the culture. If you’ve got kids, you could even take them with you – many museums will have a kid’s activity to keep them amused.

A romantic city break away for the weekend

If you are looking to really push the boat out, it is worth looking into a small city break. If you can extend the period of intimacy and keep that love bubble afloat, it can do you the world of good. This is also an opportunity to squeeze in a couple of activities into one longer trip. This is the ideal sort of activity for long lasting memories.

Go for a stroll and picnic

As you can probably tell by now, the reoccurring theme is spending time with each other. A brisk walk gives an endorphin boost. This can really help in setting a positive mood for the date. With an illustrious combination with aphrodisiac hors d’oeuvres and a bottle of bubbly added, it is a fantastic accompaniment for good times and laughs.

Try something more extreme?

Your partner may get your heart racing but nothing pumps that adrenaline more than crossing into the unknown. Whether it be a suspended bungee jump or a throwing yourself out of a plane, it is almost guaranteed you will leave these experiences the closest you’ve ever been. Relying on each other in times of need and building that trust can really help shape an unforgettable experience. Grab your parachutes, this one gets the green light from us!

We hope this guide to dates has inspired you all to go out there and make a special day. Whatever it is you get up to we hope it is a special day for you all.

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Here are some ideas to inspire you for your next couples day out…

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